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Rev Heather Cooper has been the minister at Christchurch (and also our sister churches at Aldbourne, Pewsey and Aldbourne) since September 2011. Last year she celebrated 25 years serving in circuit ministry.


Heather began her ministry in Falkirk in 1987 and while there she married Neale Cooper.
Since Falkirk they have been in Warrington, Colchester and Morley (South Leeds).
She became a superintendent while in Colchester and has been the superintendent in Morley.
Coming to the Swindon & Marlborough has brought her closer to home as she grew up near Reading.


Heather writes of herself:

 I’m a southerner by birth and upbringing – a native of Berkshire. I grew up just outside Reading. I’m the eldest of three, my sister and family now live in New Zealand while my brother and his family are a little closer in Wootton Bassett.

I started life in the Presbyterian Church but we moved to the Methodist Church when they built close to where we lived and  it was easier for my parents to take three of us there. Like so many teenagers I rebelled against Church but came back when my grandmother died. Coming back felt like coming home and after a few years I became a local  preacher and  candidated for the ministry.

I left college in 1987 and went to Falkirk in Central Scotland. It was during that appointment that Neale and I married. He’s Welsh and proud of it. From Falkirk we moved to Warrington, then to Colchester and then to Morley, on the southern edge of Leeds and in 2011 we moved south to Marlborough. As you can see we do bounce around the country.

We don’t have any children but do keep pet hamsters – normally only one at a time! The current manse hamster is getting quite elderly so I’m not sure that she’ll still be with us when we move.      

I love to read and to cook, I enjoy Sci-Fi, especially Star Trek & Dr Who. I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles.

We like to explore the areas where we live and see as much of the surrounding area as possible.

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