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TLC Groups

TLC  stands for ' Together Loving Christ' and the TLC Groups are midweek bible study/fellowship groups. There are currently five TLC groups meeting on various days. 

Contact numbers for the Group leaders are listed below.

Alison Harris (511029)  Mary & David Fishlock (512007) Kate & Andrew Trowbridge (515347)

David and Mary Fishlock lead The Old Forge TLC.  They write:

Some twelve years or more ago the Christchurch Leadership team felt led to encourage all members and friends to join a midweek bible study/fellowship group under the heading of TLC groups (Together Loving Christ).

 We felt called to lead and host a group originally known as West Trees TLC.  We were a rather large group numbering up to 20 at times, we were known as non threatening, where people who were not comfortable in being drawn in to debate/discuss their faith, 'which to them was private',  felt they could come.  Over the years they have grown in their faith and have become valuable members more able to share with the group and even lead: this was an answer to prayer.

 In 2006 we moved to The Old Forge and the group was re-named and is now The Old Forge TLC.  We still have some of the original members, but it has also been good for all of us to welcome new folk and we now have 14 who regularly meet on a Tuesday evening to study enormously varied subjects.  We usually follow a book with a series of linked stories, one per week.  In the last year or so we have looked at Old Testament Characters, Parables, and, more recently an in-depth look at the book of Jonah - one chapter per week with a DVD to introduce each session it was called Life Journeys.  Once we have nearly finished one 'plan' we discuss what to look at next.  Occasionally there has been planned preaching on a Sunday and each House Group has been given questions to look at relating to the Sunday service in the mid week group, this hasn't happened for a while, but was very rewarding when we did it.

 Our evenings start with a ‘cuppa’ and biscuits and time for a social chit-chat and catch up while people arrive and then it is down to 'business'.  We find out if there are any concerns or people we need to pray for specifically.  Everything is confidential and we all feel able to open up in this way.  Then we start with prayer, before someone reads the passage to be studied, and the leader tries to get us discussing particular aspects.  Sometimes they have their work cut out to get a conversation going, but once we do start talking it can be difficult to complete all the questions and it is decided it's getting late and we decide to carry over to next week.  We have a closing prayer and then hold hands in a circle to share the Grace and remind each other to "Keep coming back"  

 We have also set up a prayer circle which is used if there is a prayer concern in the group or further a field. The group supports each other creating a feeling of unity and love. Some of the comments from members are: ‘encourages community and openness gives rise to lively exchanges’, ‘acts as a refresher course in areas of the bible’, ‘interesting awareness of the level of faith’, ‘fellowship’, ‘Christian social contact and something to make us all think and build on throughout the week’, ‘a time to engage with each other and get to know each other better’, ‘supporting and helping each other when needed’, ‘highlight of our week’.

 We would encourage everyone to join a mid week group, Sundays are special, but we all need that more intimate time to grow and learn more about our faith.

 David & Mary Fishlock