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Womens' Fellowship

An Ecumenical midweek afternoon time of Fellowship for ladies.  Meeting in the Parlour at Christchurch on Tuesday afternoons at 2.45pm and enjoying a varied programme of speakers and events.

All ladies welcome whether churchgoers or not!

We are a truly ecumenical group, with members from other churches and Christchurch.

We start off with devotions (a hymn, prayers, Bible Reading, another hymn and notices for the week) and then hand over the Meeting to our pre-arranged Speaker - sometimes it is our Minister, or a lay-preacher  - we also have an annual visit from The Leprosy Mission, Tear Fund; maybe one of our own members will talk of their experiences as teachers, a holiday to celebrate a special event ( Golden Wedding, 'Noughty' birthday, etc.) and Eric Gilbert is always welcome with his Audio Visual presentations - and Members afternoons are always a joy as we bring readings, jokes, etc, and choose favourite hymns.

We end the afternoon with a welcome cup of tea and biscuits in the comfort of the Crush Hall, before going our separate ways.

Our Secretary provides us with a very varied programme.